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Some of my mice

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My tans and foxes:

Black tan male Macho

Black tan girl Vanity

Choco fox girl Hope

Champagne tan girl Shandy

Blue tan girl Ash

Black tan girl Luna

Dove tan male Drewie

Black tan male Pip

Some selfs

White black eyed Elwyn de Cerridwen

Argente creme girl Natilla

Agouti male Bink

Black male Shaidan

Some pieds

Cinnamon tan pied girl Canelle

Black tan pied longhair girl Mandely

Cinnamon tan pied male Vivo

Dove tan pied girl Cloud

Black tan pied longhair male Mancha

My siameses

Siamese pied male Amigo

Siamese male Mr. Evil

Siamese satin girl Belle

Siamese satin girl Ezza

Siamese girl Splendid

So this was it for now :p soon I'll show the rest of my mice ;)
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Oh wow, I would kill to find mice like those. They're all stunning. I especially top your first black and tan lady.
*Sigh* .... wow are they impressive photos of some impressive mice ..... it sounds very fickle to base this on looks alone ... I'm sure they've got lovely personalities too. ;)
Thank both of you ;)
Yes Vanity is indeed very gorgeous.. That's why she's called Vanity :p hehe

Yes most of them have amazing personality's but some I have a short time and they are still a bit scared.. Mostly the pieds I'm showing here. Doesnt matter, with some patience that will work out just fine!!

Thanks for the compliments I'm indeed very proud of them ;)
Vanity and Mr. Evil are my favorites. Vanity especially is gorgeous!
Yeah Sadly enough I found out that the breeder where I got Vanity from has tumors in his lines, so I can't breed with her.. Its really a bummer!
That's terrible news! Lovely nonetheless! The points on those siamese are hardcore!
I love all your pieds/brokens, they're always my favourites :D
Vanity is absolutely beautiful too, what a shame you can't breed from her! :( Still, she makes such a pretty pet mousey :)
Gorgeous photos ;)
Thanks everyone for the nice compliments I'm flattered :)
Here are some of my other mice..

Black tan pied girl Bless

Black tan pied girl Tipsy

Black tan banded girl Lakie

Dove satin girl Shiny

Dove girl Jaclynn

Red pied girl Crazy

Argente tan satin male Golden

Black eyed siamese fox male King

Agouti variegated girl Kiara

Black girl Shady

Silveragouti astrex girl Frizzy

Burmese astrex girl Lizzy

Silver agouti girl Lady

Silvered burmese Cassie

Black variegated girl Aisha

Black eyed siamese splashed male Myrtil

??????? splashed male Vicomte

Black eyed siamese longhair splashed girl Sienna

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Heee! I just love longhairs. So shaggy! I notice your argente tan... I have a creamy argente girl who may or may not be tan. Is there a visible difference on yours, or is it just genetic?
Now i see what you meant when you said mine has short snouts :p
@Laigaie: I did not knew it until I bred him to a self Dove girl. And there appears to be doves tan in the litter. So I dont know how you can tell the difference really..

@Kelly: Lucky you know what I mean now ;)

Thanks both for your reaction ;)
:love :love :kewl Beautiful!!!!
love the props, i might have to do that :D
Golden is just incredible! He shines like an opal!
Thanks both :)

Yes Sarah I know he's amazing !! Need sunglasses when I take him out ;) hahaha
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