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Some of my mice

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Sisters Mei and Mel, dove tan and black tan.

Morty, father of sisters above, black tan banded.
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Oh, my..the tans on these mousies are just delicious! I just love the marked black tan as it has the perfect placement for that white splodge to pass through both the black and the orange.
Morty is adorable :love1 They are lovely looking mice.
Ooo,they're super mousies!
I love your Black/tan,such a lovely face too! :D
And here's Eddie! I know he's a pet-type, but he has such a sweet personality, he's the mouse my daughter wants to 'play' with. Playing meaning him running on the table with toyhorses and stables and dollhouses.
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:lol: Now I have visions of a mousie with a saddle on and a doll on his back :lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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