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Some of my mice

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Though i post some pics of my mice

Velvet my self black doe (NEW)

Sugar my self cream doe (NEW)

Starlight my self black doe (NEW)

Liquorice my self black doe (NEW)

Mable my self stone doe (NEW)


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lol thats not a prob i can hang on to her for you or if you would prefer a younger one for july i can prob get another one lol what ever you want if you want her i will save her for you.
Thanks about my boy he is a sweetie.
Yes thats not a problem should be breeding some sheepy and sheepy crosses very soon hopfully next week i will be breeding my blue and white sheepy buck with my choc/ cin and white sheepy doe, and my self black sheepy buck with my lilac astrex doe so should have some very nice babies lol.
Wonderful so what colour sheepy's will you get ?
She is very pretty so what will the 2 matings produce ?
Not really sure as most of my sheepy carry loads of different breeds and colours lol I am hoping the black to the astrex will make lots of lilac coloured babies hopfully curly haired either astrex or sheepy fur.
The blue and white to the choc/cin and white could get stone and white, choc and white, black and white, agouti and white, blue and white, choc tan, black tan, choc hereford that kind of thing all with sheepy coats i will prob get some normals too so will juat have to wait and see what colours come through.

Last time i bred the females were white, stone and white, choc and white, black and white and black tan and white not sure what they bred to but i got stone and white, choc and white. choc tan, black tan, black and white, black agouti and white, white, black, an choc tan and white sheepy and normals i think that was all lol.

Here are a few pics of what i got

smaller pics of choc tan and white boy.jpg

smaller pic of broken marked boy.jpg

smaller pic of sheepy buck.jpg

smaller pic of stone and white boy.jpg

smaller pic of bew.jpg


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Here is one of the mums
sheepy mum.jpg


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Some more of my other mice i have had for a while

lilac my astrex doe.jpg

My astrex.jpg

my little black boy.jpg


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My old little tan girl called Lady
my old girl lady.jpg

My 1st show mouse stanley
my old boy stan.jpg

My 1st show mouse stanley PEW with some lovely ladies my 2 new ivory satins 5 weeks old (old with new lol), Stan enjoyed the ladies company any way.
stan with his girls.jpg


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3rd pic down titled sheepy buck hes scrummy and the one of Stanley and friends i love that pic :)
lol stan loved play time with the girls
Are they his future wives ?
Very nice looking mice! Love them all
lol i have a ivory buck im going to put to them but i would like to mate stan to one of them just dont no if he is up to it as he is over a year now. He is such a sweetie.
He is totally stunningly handsome i think he should at least have a go so to speak to pass on his debonaire good looks and fab temperament :D
yea i no what you mean, ive never bred him before so id like to still have part of him when he goes so i will breed him give him a try any way lol.

If any one is interested in homing a hamster, mouse or rat please look of other animals for sale section
Also i have spiny mice for sale on other mice for sale section
I have just posted on your rats for sale thread hun x
I bet Stanley would make very cute babies :)
What kind of tan is Lady? I've never seen such a lovely pale coat with the dark tan belly.
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