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some of my mice :)

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just a few photos of a couple of some of my mice. the agouti girl is Gillyweed and the black and tans are her daughters asphodel and dittany. The Burmese buck is one of her sons called Wiggenweld :D .


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I love the deep reddish tone on that agouti.
The second in the agouti post reminds me so much of my Muffin of years ago. She is very pretty. :)
Mouseless me can't help but look again and again.
The first agouti is nice too; what kind of dilution is at work there? IS is c ch? si? ??

Love long body lines and shapely head of both
Bye, bye little mousie girl. :sorry

And for you, Agoutigoo...*hug*
Your meeces are beautiful to my eye if only for the tiptop condition they are in!
1 - 6 of 52 Posts
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