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They've gown a fair bit since I last posted pics :D

mrs 'Moo' is biggest of the lot

Followed by Halo

( longhaired fuzzy hairless -?- male, he's made some right fluffy babies anyhow ! )

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and a maHOOsive Boo (hairless carrier)

Ideas on her colour ?

She's due a litter any time soon fathered by Halo.
Yep I'm still waiting for some hairless babies....:lol:

Boo has a new 'quirk' she keeps hiding the food bowl ?!?
Thinking it must be a 'pregnant' thing though none have done it before.

More photos to come...
when I capture the 3 minxes lurking under the bottom perfecto shelf.
REALLY considering removing it..
They get all anti-social when they're living in there. :roll:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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