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Some of my little critters :)

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This is Aspens last litter, I got her when she was pregnant and she's one of the shops older females, she's very timid, poor girl :(

And this is Aspen. Not sure of her color?

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This is Asia, again no clue on her coat.
She's produced one litter for me.

This is Minnie, her color is alot darker than Asias. Still unsure but I might keep her. She's the black and white one.

This is my new baby, Ralph, he a pears blackish charcoal like, but in certain lighting looks chocolate?

This is Cleo, my clearly pregnant, Satin female, I've been told she looks like a blue satin agouti?

And this is her mate Luc, a satin as well.

And this is Algernon, my cute stubby looking PEW.

His coat almost looks like it may have a yellowish tinge but I could be blind or it could be the lighting lol.

This is my agouti Jasper.

Well I believe that's all for now, we'll see what come from pairing them off : 0
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Thank you :) I'll have to take a better pic of Asia, her coat in person seems greyish? And I'm hoping to breed in some better blacks out of my Lil Ralphie. He's got such a sweet personality too.
Hmm maybe she does have a tan/brown tinge to some of her, the spot on her back in the light looks more tan than grey. She looks so close to having been a Dutch!

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So say if I bred her to my poor black Ralphie, would there be chances of producing better blacks and possibly chocolates? I know my female carries the satin gene, not so sure on Ralph, as I feel he's too small to breed. So would there be a likely chance if he does that I might get 50% or all satins?
Oh no it does make sense and helps very much. I've actually been keeping notes, as yes I am new to this and not so knowledgeable in the genetics area. I'm sure alot of my srock carry some of the same genes, as they come from the same pet store, tho they do get new stock in from time to time. I have already figured if I want larger mice, even tho it may mess with the color, I'm going to have to breed my largest PEW with my largest female, hoping to not ruin too much of any color, and I'm expecting alot of inbreeding and yearsss to get what I'm striving for. And then to take what colors I can from my larger stock and crossing those. Seems like so much work for such little creatures but definitely worth while. Maybe one of these days a show might come closer to my area or I can start a hobby for others like myself interested in the area I live. Woo so much info to take in :) thank you!!

Edit: also I do know that if I breed two satins, the whole should be satin. My Cleo and Luc are of reasonable size and after two months of being together they are finally having their first litter of pups! They are both satins :)
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Also, with Asia possibly being a very poor chocolate by chance, what might I need to breed her with, and breed the pups with to possibly get a choclate somewhere down the line? Both would have to carry it in order for there to be any chance since it's recessive? I need to look into some mice genetics hand books haha
Lilly said:
If you breed her to anything else then the first generation will all carry chocolate, you can then breed son back to Asia for a 50% chance at chocolate and 50% carrying it, or breed them to each other but that will only be a 25% chance at chocolate
Awesome, she's currently fostering a 2 week old baby, she's such a good girl, so I probably won't try for a month or so. Asia is in her prime so she should be good for another litter or 2 and after that I probably won't breed her again and let her have the run of the retirement cage lol
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