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Some of my little critters :)

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This is Aspens last litter, I got her when she was pregnant and she's one of the shops older females, she's very timid, poor girl :(

And this is Aspen. Not sure of her color?

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Asia looks broken chocolate and Ralph poor black, which can appear dark brown when not "well bred", chocolate you'd expect to be around the colour of milk chocolate or lighter if not bred to show standards rather than dark charcoal

A very cute little group :)
To me it looks like poor broken chocolate where there's some white hairs in the color (which is a common fault), but I know cameras and different monitors can make colors look a little different than the appear in person
Chocolate and satin are both recessive, if you bred to Ralphie he would have to carry chocolate for you to get a chance of them in a litter, or satin for a chance at satin.

Since the Asia only carries satin the most satin in a litter (by odds anyway) would be 50% and that would only be if the buck you bred her to was pure satin. Not sure how much you know about genetics, but basically

both parents are satin: 100% of the litter will be
one parent is satin the other carries satin: 50% satin 50% non satin
both parents carry satin: 25% won't have the satin gene at all, 50% will be carriers, 25% will be satin
one parent carries the other does not have: none of the litter will be satin

(the same is true for chocolate)

If you want to get better black color then ideally you would not breed to chocolate since that can give the black a brownish tinge but since you're somewhat limited on the stock you can get where you are then breeding to Minnie or Asia to get a litter of black selfs (unless they have recessives, such as him having the pied gene since both the does do or him having choclate) then keeping the darkest black doe and either breeding back to Ralph or to a black sibling (sibling would mean a 50% chance at having broken in the litter though since both would carry it) and then again choosing the best pigment.

Hope that makes sense, its kind of late and a little tired! lol
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If you breed her to anything else then the first generation will all carry chocolate, you can then breed son back to Asia for a 50% chance at chocolate and 50% carrying it, or breed them to each other but that will only be a 25% chance at chocolate
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