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Some New Blood

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I am a wee bit excited about some of the new mice I got recently from a few breeders in Queensland. So far they have been doing well, and I am smitten with them <3
I've not got photos of all of them, just a couple.
Little Twitches (LTM) Esemais - chocolate reverse Siamese standard doe

Little Twitches (LTM) Meringue - PEW long coat doe

Little Twitches (LTM) Old Lace - bone standard doe

I was also going through some old photos recently and found a photo of some of my old hairless mice (by hairless I mean nu/nu, we don't have fuzzy or frizzy in Australia :(), I miss these guys, they were super funky!

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Gorgeous photos, the bone standard doe is especially beautiful!
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