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So who's going to the real london show?

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Im going! Hoping to pick up a new maxey and buck and will be entering a few mice. Im on hols that week so taking the showers with me and will be going home after the show.
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besty74 said:
I thought it was just a mouse show, what else is there besides mice and hamsters?
Aperanty everything except rabbits.
so hamsters, rats, mice, Gpigs, gerbils and chins

I cant waite to call im my entires, im waitign this time as i normaly end up calling way to early (i was the first person to entre one show lol). Ill also be bringing some birds as well so ill be traveling down with a dog, two boxes of mice, and empty box and a box of birds lol should be in intresting trip.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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