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Its also a very Large Cavy Show. There wont be any Mice on sale but obviously its a good place to start getting introductions to good breeders . I don't know if you are an NMC member but I personally won't supply show stock unless a person is, and also in receipt of the NMC news. Come say hello ! - There will be lots of public at this show so we wont know you from Adam, so its important for you to introduce yourself.

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besty74 said:
I thought it was just a mouse show, what else is there besides mice and hamsters?
Aperanty everything except rabbits.
so hamsters, rats, mice, Gpigs, gerbils and chins

I cant waite to call im my entires, im waitign this time as i normaly end up calling way to early (i was the first person to entre one show lol). Ill also be bringing some birds as well so ill be traveling down with a dog, two boxes of mice, and empty box and a box of birds lol should be in intresting trip.
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