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so upset!

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well the black tan gave birth today. there was blood everywhere! there was one dead baby and a head of another baby. there is still 2 left still in the nest, they are moving but as wriggly as id like. they were warm and mum is building the nest bigger around the 2 remaining babies. i have a bad feeling they are going to die or be eaten :( im so upset
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just looked in on her and another baby has died. there is only 1 left! :(
the one thats left seems to be wriggling around alot more now.she still kept the dead baby in the nest. i hope the little one left makes it!
she is doing good, making sure nest is all cosy for the baby.she delivered them 3 hours ago and the last baby died just 20 mins i know shes doing what she should be doing but its so upsetting. i will check later to see how he remaining baby is
just checked in and baby still ok. will she be warm enough when mum is out the nest as all her siblings have died!mums been out the nest alot, playing on her toys. dont know if this is a good thing or a bad thing?do u think baby has been fed. baby was born around 4 hours ago, so if he/she hadnt been fed would it have died by now? sorry just panicking a little
hi lou yeah it was!! i hope it makes it too.ive been peeking in every now and then. i hope it makes it through the night!! fingers tightly crossed.
just to let uz guys know the last wee baby died through the night. so upset but nothing i can do.
ive still got more babies to look foward to, my blue satin abyssinian and my blue tan is pregnant at the moment, fingers crossed with them.
no it wasnt faelin, that 1 is pregnant, not had babies yet though
mum is absolutley fine. shes running around playing and jumping on my hand as soon as i go in,shes back beside the others now so shes got company and friends to play with to keep her mind off things :D
1 - 8 of 15 Posts
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