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So now that my plans have changed....

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:D :D :D :D :D It JUST now occurred to me that since I am not moving soon I don't have to wait until August to have a new litter!!! I almost am so excited that I want to put my mice together now, but I sure do need to get my messy basement cleared up and squared away first so I can keep more mice down there!!!

I have the following ideas in mind, feel free to vote in or just chat about my choices...

brindle x brindle
brindle x black tan
het x angora
BLUE! x het blue
tri x black piebald
Satin litter?

Most all of these could happen before the end of the year, but I'm seriously debating what to do next!

ALSO, if ANYONE in US wants to reserve any babies, now would be a great time to do so.
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Angora anything is beautiful. Angora blue looks really nice. Love the satins! Good tris are nice too. So many decisions....I say go for them all!

I'd love to reserve some, but I can't think of anyone making a trip between you and I. I've already used my brother and sister to transport some and now they are gettign some of their own. :twisted:
Sounds like all sorts of fun things going on there! Tan, satin, angora, how do you choose? That said, you're just shy of five hours from me, and if there were a way to get a tan buck from that brindle/black tan litter down here, it'd make my day (or week or whatever). I've put my LHS dove tan in with the satin RY buck jadeguppy sent me, and would be happy to trade, if there were anything from that you'd want.
Well guys I have adoptors in texas and Oklahoma if that's any closer? I could probably drop mice at someone's house...
and L, I am looking for any merle possible, even from pet stores-no merles exist out here at all. Besides that blue does and angoras of good quality are always welcome.
No merle here, either. I do have some a pair of blue pied does also sent down by Heather, but no good buck to breed them to. I seem to be somewhat lacking in bucks in general, actually. :? Oklahoma where? The drive from you to most of Eastern OK is almost the same as the drive from you to me.
I try to keep no more than ten bucks at a I rarely need to keep bucks from my litters once I get a good representative buck. I mostly go to OKC when I go to Oklahoma...and I can travel and meet in the middle too, no adoption fee just a gas donation.
The BLUE! x het blue & tri x black piebald litters sound interesting!
Windy i will do anything to help you out...! for sure!

One question....if that black piebald is a tan, will that affect the tri? Do I need a black piebald that isn't tan?
Hey I'm thinking about letting you have one of the brindles and a satin from Flame if you so desire. Might help your plans! You got any blues fer me in return? :D
I am going to start the breedings towards the beginning of August again, one litter will be blue and one will be tri to start me off.
CCory, there is a potential mouse train heading to and from PA, we'll talk when the time draws nigh, lol....
Updates---I went with a tan 50% satin litter and a het blue tan litter to start. I'd like to hang onto many of my het blue does to breed back to dad-and really start off my blue line. I'll have plently of tans in a month, I hope!!!!
I'd like to update that all three females I selected to breed are now pregnant and due around the 25th!!! Please PM me about any finalization of adoption plans- right now I'm fairly open to adopting out several babies.
Right now I'm not's up in the air for a few weeks yet.
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