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:) Oh, so darling!!!!!!! :eek: The black female is BEAUTIFUL. But then I'm partial to black animals (I have a black cat, black kitten, and black gerbil - appropriately named "Aelwyd" - 'one who comes from the chimney').

I think these Belgian Hares look so powerful, lithe and sleek. I must be honest - I don't think I've seen one before! But in the future I plan on having a pet rabbit eventually and maybe I'll look into these. :D

My favorite breed of rabbit is the Dwarf Hotot, though I kind of like the Tan and the English Spot, too. Have you ever had Dwarf Hotots before? If so, what do you think the differences are in temperament between them and the Belgians? I really like how your Belgians look too...I'm going to research more about them. Congratulations, I hope you post more photos and updates about them and their babies.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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