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snow joke

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I'm v. fed up of the white stuff.Work has been difficult.Looking after the mice has been difficult.I've used 20k more food.To cap it all I've fell over 3 times,unheard of since childhood.The dogs think its a new game.I also feel sorry for the birds :( no end in sight either.
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Our garage was insulated before the mice moved in. We used proper roof insulation that is like a foam board covered in silver foil. I have just asked Dave how much it would cost to buy now and the answer was about £26 a sheet :shock: The sheets weren't that big either, so it would be expensive for most people to use this method. However, polystyrene and bubblewrap would also work, if you can get hold of any. Even putting curtains or old sheets etc up at the windows might help slow the heat transfer. It depends on what kind of garage you have I suppose, ours is brick built and separate from the house, with an up and over garage door at one end where the car is supposed to drive in (never used it though). This door has been covered over with bubblewrap stapled to the door frame! It is 20ft by 10ft so quite a big space.
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siege mentality has set in.I thought I would start weaning the puppies today.One box of readybreak left in the whole supermarket :shock:
Sorry to hear about the mice Ian, a freind of mine has done really bad this last few weeks loosing over 50 mice from the cold, not sure what she is doing different. Mine are doing ok, i have lots of rats in the shed aswell so i have the heater on 24/7 at the moment to keep the temps at about 14oc. Its costing a bomb but i cant risk any lower temps with the rats.

Ian I will have some abbys ready over the next 4/5 weeks i will keep a trio if you like to replace these ones :(
I would like a few more if thats ok. Particularly any brokens if you have any crop up!

I have just checked on all my recent activity with the abbys and i had 3 expectant mums...
One isnt feeding them ( they have no milk bands and they were born yesterday but then the wrong female has been sitting on them so i have removed her)
Then the other two have culled their own litters (first time mums so might be that or the cold?)

I just hope the non fed litter are going to be fed now but if not i have a show female that is about to drop so i might be able to sneek a few in with her if she gives birth soon.

but i also have a 2 week old litter that are looking good ( not brilliant rossetts though) and some of these are broken .. pink eyed broken satins. I think one of the good swirly bucks is a broken and has your name on it Ian ;)
That buck sounds perfect, just let me know when they are ready and maybe can pick them up at the Bug Meet. I think theres one tonight actually, I cant make it but I will def be there for the next one if the abys will be ready?

There is one tonight , unfortunatly i cant go tonight but i will be at the next one and they should be ready then so will fetch them along for you.

Ooo I LOVE that last one!! Very clever :D
That is just showing off !!!- I made a snowman, as perfect as can be, i though i'd keep itas a pet, so let it sleep with me,i made it some pyjamas, and a pillow for its head, last night the b ******d vanished, and wet the bed. (polite version ).
We haven't got snow yet, but right when the cold hit, the mice and rats started looking rough. Then started to sneeze. We're off to the vet this week for meds.

Mine live indoors, too. >.< I moved the mice further from the window and hopefully that will help. Our house is a stable 72 all the time, sometimes 69 at lowest, but we have 30+ year old metal paned windows that just FREEZE the air in front of them. Ick.

The horse has been well and so have the chickens, it was 19 degrees last night. Got the horsey all bundled up in his winter blanket and the birds have a heat lamp (I have exotic varieties who don't do well in cold) and water heaters in all the water to keep it from freezing over.

I hate winter. I'm about to go to a riding lesson and it is going to be COLD. I don't start riding until a whole hour and a half after it gets dark. Then the horse will have to be all wrapped in fleece on the drive home so he doesn't get a chill. Ugh,
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Kallan: :!: Love it!
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