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So my mice live in my garage with a fancy heating system and stuff because I am allergic to them and they give me asthma. lol! That is how much I love them though!

Well, for the longest time I couldn't understand how mouse poo was getting onto places I just cleaned, ie: my work bench where I clean the cages. Today I found the answer to that question. As I turned on the light I heard a scuttle. The first thing I though was, "Oh, one of my mice escaped!" So I followed the noises and guess what I found?!? A MOUSE!!!!! AHHH! I have a wild mouse visiting my mice! haha! And he is super cute!!

Now, I need a name for him. Any ideas?

*Don't worry my mice are safe from diseases. They live in tall plastic containers so they don't have any contact with this mouse.*
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