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I would advise choosing one variety and sticking with it, but then I'm a show breeder and biased :p If you want to work on something, improve it and see results you need to focus on one variety to start with. It's not possible to improve anything if you're flitting from one variety to the next without focus. But then if what you want from your mice are pretty, interesting pets and the excitement of what you'll get in each litter that's cool.

So, it depends what you want from them. Would you like to start showing? Then a self or tan might be the way forward. As a feeder breeder, marked might be a good way for you to go. They aren't usually recommended for beginners at showing as they produce hundreds of undesirables to every good mouse, so you could breed towards the standard, show any that turn out well if you felt like it, and you'd still have plenty of poorly marked mice with which to feed your carnivores. Also, with marked varieties, you have a range of different looking mice but you're still sticking with only one variety!

You may also be limited with what you can find and how far you're prepared to travel. Are you an NMC member? If not, join and have a look through the yearbook - this contains a lot of different breeder adverts and such, as well as points tables which tell you who's producing the best in whatever variety.

ETA: I would also very much recommend going to shows and actually seeing as many different varieties of mice as you can. I speak from personal experience, when I was deciding what I should breed I trawled the internet and mouse books, and I thought that chocolate tan, champagne and black eyed cream were just the prettiest mice. Then I actually saw them in the fur, and I found them all really disappointing! Conversely, I never looked twice at dove and black until I actually saw them, and I now think they are the most beautiful mice (which they are by the way :D ).

Sarah xxx
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