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Siamese or Manx

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Does anyone know where I can purchase either a Siamese or Manx mouse in Ontario Canada? I found some breeders, but they are in Australia, which is too far. Even, if I could find someone in Michigan with these breeds that could deliver to Windsor, would help a lot. I am looking two purchase 2 of either breed. :)
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Shipping is very expensive, you're looking at spending about $100 for the plane ticket, $50 for the approved shipping container and the shipping fee to get it to the breeder, plus the gas fee of the breeder to and from the airport, and then the mice themselves. Of which, you're likely not going to convince sometime to go through all that effort and only sell two.

I would recommend you search on if you haven't, as well as I know there is one Canadian breeder listed on the Fancy Mouse Breeders Association breeders list.
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Thank you for replying I will definately check it out.
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