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shows or clubs in Maryland, USA

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just wondered if there were any shows in Md or Pa for mice or even any clubs similar to ARBA, ACBA (rabbit, cavy clubs)
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Hi Jessie. The closest club to you that I know of is the East Coast Mouse Association (ECMA). That's also the club that I belong to. There is a show in Pidgeon Forge TN Dec 18. There are a lot of forum members on here that are going. Hope to see you there.
There are loose plans for a small pet convention in MD early next year. There is also Rodent Fest in PA twice a year. :)

Definitely try to make it to the TN show! :D
TN is a little far for my liking especially with my ancient truck lol

i assume they dont host as many shows here on the east coast as the west coast... :cry: shame they arent like the cavy or rabbit shows which are like every other weekend.
Yes, mouse lovers are few and far apart but that's also what makes us all so valuable. You can go find a show rabbit any day of the week but try to find a true fancy mouse So far the closest I've come to is a 4 to 5 hour way.
lol good point i couldnt find any in MD that still even had a active website lol
Keep an eye out. There are loose but likely plans for one in or around MD early next year. :)
I'm sure it will be announced in the next month or two
cool i will def keep my eyes peeled about it :D
If you're interested in the show in TN I will be going and driving through MD.....I NEED someone to go with me......I'm coming from Allentown, PA and its a FREAKIN long drive!!
thanks stina

sorry i thought this posted before but i guess not.. :oops:
I would love to go but with being a grave digger you never know when the jews might need a funeral as they can be buried on the weekend too and i'm on call maybe next time though :)
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