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Shows North West UK

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Hi Folks
Some of you may know me, I am a member of the NMC, albeit a quiet member!! lol
I am now hopefully back in the swing with my mice and wondered what peoples thoughts were on another Northern show??
I know we have Manchester, Sowood and there is a Lancashire club although I haven't seen their shows advertised for a while, but wondered if any members would be interested in another show up here, as i'm from Liverpool I was thinking of having it near my home in a church hall.
All very much an idea at the moment but wanted some feedback and ideas if any members would be interested in attending or do you think there is enough shows??
Any thoughts would be appreciated........
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Hi Richard,

Many years ago there used to be a Wirral Mouse Club affiliated to the NMC. I actually judged at their inaugral show.

I don't think the club lasted very long and I seem to recall that the organiser/founder sadly died which may have had something to do with them not carrying on.

The NMC may be able to give you some more background information.

All the best,
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