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shows in wales??

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Are there any mouse shows in wales at all??? if not would it be any good maby trying to get some here??? also are there any local mouse clubs in wales??? i would travel to every show if they wernt so far away. :(
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we've all got the same problem.There are none in Wales at the moment.It doesn't mean there can't be,just takes some one in the area to get involved and put one on.Might be you in the future.Myself and Sarahy and tratallen are doing our first show this year in our area.Hurray for not much travel.Some people stop over night in travel lodge hotels, apparently if you book online several months in advance it's dirt cheap.It helps if you can find some one to share travel costs as well.Might not be any one at the moment but it can all change in the space of a week.
yea i would deffinately be interested in putting on some shows. think there would be a lot of interest up here. would just need to fine out exactly what is needed ( size of venue, tables ect). would deffinately be something to think about. :D :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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