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Shows in/near Ontario?

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I've never been and want to attend one so I can see what goes on but I seem to live in the mousy-no zone. Does anyone know of any shows that are happening in Ontario or even close by? I live close enough to NY that I could probably pop over for one.
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I don't know of any in Ontario but wanted to say hello - I wasn't aware there was another Canadian on here (active)! :)
The US and Canada group are must more active on Facebook. The Fancy Mouse Breeders Association is on there and we have shows planned year round. Sadly as of right now the closest show in the works would be either in Wisconsin this summer (if you towards the west) or something around Pittsburg PA in the spring or fall. There is a show Feb 14 in Hampton Virginia but that is a pretty good clip for you. Unfortunately right now, shows in the US are JUST getting off the ground.
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