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Showing rats

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it will be lovely to see you at shows Sarah, you don't have to be a member to show at NFRS shows, they are all open, so you could try some out for size :)

I'm judging in Meldreth on 14th November, which I don't think is too far from Leicestershire, not sure where you are[/quote]

I am in the centre of Leicester.I have downloaded the application for membership .Are there adult and baby classes and how far in advance of a show do you need to enter.Also are the show cages specific :?:I find it surprising that you don't need to be a member :? Why do people join?
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Sarah hopefully this link will help a bit

if you have any questions no matter how small PM me, Julie or Lian we are all seasoned Pro's ;)
it depends on how many oldies you keep, I try to rehome ex-breeding does, but bucks end up hanging about forever. I've currently got 25 rats, but thats post two bouts of SDA. I usually have around 40 rats but I breed more than one variety. 15 rats for one self colour would be about right I would say.

I started with mice many many moons ago and thought that I would have to keep as many cages of rats as I did boxes of mice, but they are not the same, you also have much longer timescales for breeding which I am still getting used to in reverse with the mice again.

I use a soapy flannel to clean rats tails, I find green fairy liquid usually does the job :)

As a judge I am most grateful if rats nails are clipped. This is not an easy job for most and you will usually find someone wandering round at a show holding a rat and a pair of babies nail clippers with a pleading look on their face :)
Cool Sarah, I should be there - weather permitting lol
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