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Well I finally have my long awaited mice from the show to complete the genes I wanted to get hold of and a couple of bonus things that were offered to me as a thank you and I couldn't resist!

Added to my mousery:
3 x-brindle does
Here are two of them, and the third is a younger black so a bit more marked than the one here at the moment

2 sepia (a buck and a doe) really nice personality young mice to pair with my siamese to get my started on blue burmese

1 siamese with nice and dark points to try to restart my siamese texels so I know they don't have c floating around

1 splash doe and buck that are not showing good contrast but have the ears and body type that I need to mix with my nice contrast but more pet type mice
The buck when he was a little younger

Also a really nice black and a really nice blue doe to help with splash and blue burmese respectively as well as x-brindle.

Then on the way home drop of mice and pick up my final ones
Two of these:

They're young tiny things but I said yes when they were offered because they were the first mice that my guy had really seemed interested in and found really cute and it was just one doe so could have as a pet with my non breeders.... but ended up getting given two hairless does and a carrier buck.... they are just so strange though, I don't know what is is about them but I can't help but smile when I see them in all their ugly/cuteness. They are not the dominant gene the UK guys have so their body is all pink, but having that with the dark tail/feet/ears looks so funny!
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I love the hairless to,always have half a dozen or so for the cute factor.
Lilly said:
SarahC said:
Do you ever find their nails an issue? Read some people say you have to clip them, other say you don't bother.
no issues at all with their nails.I've had hairless rats and you do have to cut their nails constantly.Mouse skin always seems smooth and healthy apart from the odd wart.What will you do with the brindles colour wise?I have brindles and think the brindling is best on lighter colours,yellow/red/champagne.I do have the darker ones to since all the brindles in a litter are retained regardless of colour and needless to say I get less of the colours I desire.
mine were almost at the point of extinction in pursuit of the most attractive colours.Now I breed some just for their fertility and mothering skills in less desirable colours to keep the line safe.I find agouti best for the purpose.
having nearly lost mine I'm not to far ahead of you.I started breeding purely to up numbers of fit and fertile ones in January.I branched out into colours I find desirable fairly recently since I can now afford to gamble a bit.Since the most desirable to me are the orange ones, type isn't brill.I'm having to mate the (dominant)reds early because they are already rather fat at just under 8 weeks old.I have some fawns bred from champagnes that have better type.The champagnes have also thrown out a chocolate .I will get some pictures for you.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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