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Well I finally have my long awaited mice from the show to complete the genes I wanted to get hold of and a couple of bonus things that were offered to me as a thank you and I couldn't resist!

Added to my mousery:
3 x-brindle does
Here are two of them, and the third is a younger black so a bit more marked than the one here at the moment

2 sepia (a buck and a doe) really nice personality young mice to pair with my siamese to get my started on blue burmese

1 siamese with nice and dark points to try to restart my siamese texels so I know they don't have c floating around

1 splash doe and buck that are not showing good contrast but have the ears and body type that I need to mix with my nice contrast but more pet type mice
The buck when he was a little younger

Also a really nice black and a really nice blue doe to help with splash and blue burmese respectively as well as x-brindle.

Then on the way home drop of mice and pick up my final ones
Two of these:

They're young tiny things but I said yes when they were offered because they were the first mice that my guy had really seemed interested in and found really cute and it was just one doe so could have as a pet with my non breeders.... but ended up getting given two hairless does and a carrier buck.... they are just so strange though, I don't know what is is about them but I can't help but smile when I see them in all their ugly/cuteness. They are not the dominant gene the UK guys have so their body is all pink, but having that with the dark tail/feet/ears looks so funny!
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Your new mice look lovely. What's a sepia mouse? - I don't think I've heard of them, do you have a photo of those too?

Lilly said:
I was hoping that putting things like the bird perches that help with like budgie nails or the lava rock ledges you can get for chins might help but not sure if that would hurt their sensitive feed/skin.
Lava ledges and other brands of perches made from pumice are excellent, and concrete bird perches while unsuitable for birds are relatively good as well (and cheap). This is especially true if you take care when placing them to put them somewhere which is much-used as a route throughout the day. The perches with a sand coating are less good for rodent feet in my experience. I use environmental things like this for keeping nails trim in exotic mice species, dwarf hamsters, and gerbils.
Lilly said:
Sepia is just the name given to a/a cch/chh mice over here, I guess could also call it mock chocolate but sepia is usually black with a redy-brown tinge to the fur from the cch.

I don't think anyone breeds them or that they have any standards, although the ones I got were bred purposely for myself and another breeder, they are usually just the result that people who breed fox get when they have a at/a x at/a pairing.
Thank you very much for this info. I'd just asked out of curiosity, but it turns out that I have probably just made one myself. She's sort of bad black charcoal coloured, but there's black half-sisters to compare to which emphasises the difference. Also the breeder that the parents are from started that line by crossing marked to silver agouti, so it could viably have been carried :)

Lilly said:
That is interesting about the sand perches, those are the ones I was thinking of over concrete but will look out for the concrete ones now :)
I think it's probably down to the size of the sand grains used compared to the size of mouse and other small rodent nails. So whereby it would be effective for thicker nails/ bird claws and talons, there's less friction with smaller mouse nails as they can fit between the sand grains used more. Also I think that bird claws grow more slowly in the first place, so a lesser amount of 'sanding' is needed to see a net loss in length.
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