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I got my NMC News on Friday but the show calendar on the back seems a little bit sparse! I know Peterborough is usually the last to be added, which is odd as it is already on the National Fancy Rat Society calendar as being Sunday 9th October. But are there any others coming up that have not been added to the show calendar.

Also in trying to find more information of show dates I went on the NMC website and found it still hasnt been updated, surely it would be benficial and not too challenging (for someone with the appropriate skills) to update the show calendar and atleast the BIS show results.

Also has anyone heard this rumour of a show called 'the real London champs' apparently being organised by fanciers to replace the Reading show in September since it has combined with Octobers Peterborough show? :D
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Why don't you join the facebook page?It's free to members and the club secretary is active on there and will be able to answer your questions directly.The updating of info on the website has already been discussed and is there for all to read.
I thought I had joined the facebook page but maybe I didnt click in the right place. Thanks Sarah I'll make my way over there.
More show dates will be published later in the year. Preston mouse club for instance, usually run two or three, but have obviously yet to decide dates.
Eric has started updating the info on the website.
Thats great, I think it will make it much easier for new members to get the information they need and hopefully lead to more new members.
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