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Seeking Fancy Mice as pets in Atlanta, GA - USA

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I am having a heck of a time finding mice for pets in Atlanta area.

There are lots of white feeder mice, but I am seeking fancy mice - a pair of young, friendly females.

I would like them to be two different color sets - one marked black/white - then either a Siamese, brown/white, champaigne or fox.

Can mice be shipped or do I have to find a breeder near me for pickup?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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I'm about an hour south of Atlanta with texels mostly. Will have a some does weaned in a couple of weeks.

Red Dragon Mice (you can find on facebook for the looking on the breeders list) is a bit north of Atlanta and although I don't think he has any right now, he sometimes has nice show type champagnes and chocolates.

If you're looking for black and white then you'd probably be having to go to feeder breeders at the moment, siamese i have in texel but not standard coat yet.

Mice can only be shipped by air and private transport companies but for just two does it would probably be worth seeing about travelling to a breeder since there is a couple nearby honestly.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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