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.. and going for it. Here are Caramello and Babe. Caramellos is a fairly old chocolate tan (18 mo.) and Babe is a 10 mo. old marked satin agouti. Babe has been bred before a couple of times back when I stated my yellow tri line. She's the darkest red mousie I've produced so far, and I am following advice from the young woman who moderates the Hiriiforumi International Section of the Finnish Mouse Club Site. (yes that's where the sublime Finnmouse dwells!)

I have several yellow tri males with solid patches of red of this hue, but I want to get the deepest darkest red possible in order to have greater contrast on any given yellow tri mousie. Caramello is a really sweet friendly boy, and Babe is a very stolid, calm girl who was an excellent mom to her two litters when I bred her to start up the yellow tri line that I'm working on.
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