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Searching for 2 Females in Missouri!

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Hi there! I am simply searching for two females to be taken care of as pets. I have had multiple pairs of femalea before and have plenty of experience with them.
I am located near Saint Louis, Missouri but I am willing to drive within a few hours to get them. Thank you!

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I'm in Manhattan KS, which I know is a ways away, but there's not a ton of breeders in this area. I' have no does available right now, but will be pairing up new sets next week.

Also try the fancy mouse breeders association on Facebook, I had better luck finding breeders and mice local to me there. There's a Midwest mouse group on Facebook as well.
Thank you for the help! I will be sure to explore those options!
The only person I have seen here close to me seems to be 'Windy Hill Mousery' but I am not sure how to direct message him/her!
This forum isn't too heavily trafficked, you're best served contacting breeders directly or by Facebook. I'm not familiar with that particular breeder, but a quick google search easily pulls up their website which has been updated as recently as May of 2014. Good luck!
Most American breeders can easily be contacted through Facebook. If you can't find them directly, the Fancy Mouse Breeders Association group has almost everybody in attendance.

Also, I'm in NW Arkansas! I went through your area in April on my way to a show, but it'll be a bit before I'm out that way again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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