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Satins: 2 does and a buck for sale in Michigan

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about two months ago I adopted two does from a breeder who needed to free up some cage space and to both of our surprise, both girls were pregnant and it turns out it was the brothers who did it. oopsies. The first litter was eaten entirely but 5 out of the 9 pups from the second litter survived.

I decided I'm keeping one and a friend of mine reserved one of the bucks so that leaves me with two does and a buck to adopt out. As much as I'd love to keep them, I have intentional breeding plans to move forward with soon and the cage space to clear up.

I'm wary about them being used for breeding due to the accidental incest but they'd make wonderful pets

they were born September 25th
one of the does looks like a creamy recessive yellow [??]
The other doe has a blue-ish tint
The buck is recessive yellow
they're all satin
the cream doe has a very long tail but has a few kinks in the middle
the blue tinted doe has a shortened tail due to manx gene
the buck has a shortened tail due to manx gene with a kink at the end
all three have blazes on their foreheads and white patched bellies
I would prefer if the two girls could be adopted together if possible
$5 adoption fee each

the cream doe's name is Bee, the blue-tinted doe's name is Mindfang and the ry buck's name is Malfoy [his brother, Potter, is reserved].
You're free to rename them if you wish.

pictures attached below.
The best way to contact me is through my tumblr blog since I check tumblr the most but I will also be checking here periodically for replies

I'm located in the metro detroit area of Michigan but may be willing to drive out somewhere with some friends if you can't make it too far out [I would prefer under an hour drive on my end]. Contact if you're interested and hopefully we can work something out~


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Just FYI, the "accidental incest" is a nonissue with mice. It's actually commonly used as a tool to fix in traits (inbreeding or linebreeding are commonplace in the mouse fancy). You might try putting these guys up on one of the MANY mouse facebook groups, as most of this board is uk-based.
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