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On the other forum before this I wrote that I was handraising 2 kittens Gingy and Salem. Will give a brief now about that story.

My cat Doodle - bug got out of the house and got pregnant so we decided to let her have her kittens and experience mother hood then get her done, Well she gave birth to 4 Kittens a ginger tom, 2 cream colours and a pure black kitten, but sadly over the next couple of days we lost the 2 cream kittens and Doodle bug was always lying on the 2 kittens she had left, so we decided to have a go at hand raising two 4 day old kittens, well sadly when they was 2 weeks old Gingy fell really ill and we had to have him pts :( so we knew we had to pull Salem through.

These are the kittens at 4 days old


Gingey - RIP

Both together in their little pouch mom made :D

Both in their box

Well this is Salem at 4 weeks in his daytime nap box

And this is Salem now

He still needs to suck on a finger for comfort to go to sleep and he thinks his a baby, well I guess that is what you get with any hand raised animal.
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