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Sad news from the Madhouse

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Its a sad day today

I had a very heavily pregnant blue doe, in fact she was probably mid labour. i found her dead this morning.

I presume it was birthing/labour problem as she was in good health as are all my mice at the moment.

For those waiting for mice from me, we will have to wait another 3 weeks until i can pair my other blue does to my buck.

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awww poor thing, you ok ship?
yep, bit shocked but these things can happen
So sorry to hear that Matt :( :(

I've had it happen time and again (although slightly different for me in that I saw the difficulties giving birth and managed to culled each time).

It's horrible and sad and really hinders breeding plans too!!

Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about your loss
Thanks for the words of sympathy guys.

well i have less babies than i thought i would. :(
Totally horrid! It's bad enough to lose a litter, but to lose the mother too is just the worst. I so sad for you. *hug*
:( so sorry to hear that
So sorry about your loss, such a sad situation. :( Hugs. xXx
thanks guys

well on the plus side, the Madhouse has two litters of chocolates of 6 in each litter all doing well. I have had 2 nice big litters of pet types (that i use for feeders) and we have 2 nice litters of rats!

so lots to cheer me up about.

plus i'm picking up a new baby guinea pig later today so i'm very excited!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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