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Rosegold's and Royal's litter; yellow tris

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Here are pictures of the two tri litters that have been born in the last week:

Royal is trying his best to prevent me from taking the pictures of Rosegold's and his babies.

Here they are:

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sorry for your disappointing set back.The kids look bright and perky though.
They have big ears. I don't know where that came from unless it's from Hazel, a LH satin yellow doe I got at the same time I got the other transgenic doe (conveniently pre-loaded to emit a litter of tris). Hazel had very big ears, and it looks like her long hair showed up in this litter too! I have purposely bred longhaired meeces only twice, but I don't mind as long as they are healthy. The second litter were all buffalo headed box-butted runts. the same thing seems to be true of all the LH curly mecces born in my mousery. That's OK, I can't maintain lines of every kind. (I just keep tellling myself that...over and, moustress you cannot have every mousie in the world)

Royal is a devoted daddy to his little ones, and I really like to see that. The boys in that litter will probably behave much the same if I ever breed them.
Hi moustress,

I'm just wondering if you're doing any extra supplimenting for the 3 week olds at all since they lost their mother? We've found ourselves in the very same situation, with a litter of 22 day olds who I know were still nursing occasionally before their mother went. They're bright, a nice size and active, and we do sprinkle lactol on their food already...I'm just hoping this won't affect their growth and they'll be ok, I'm not sure what else we can do

I'm glad Royal is doing a good job with your lot :)
They are little sweeties. The girls were seperated into a cage with two other mature yellow tri does a couple of nights ago. they are geting extra dietary support in the form of premium corn free puppy chow. I've never used Lactol, but maybe I'll give it a try., I alway give breeding, pregnant or nursing meeces extra protein and fat. Sometimes I give pregnant or nursing does yogurt or soy milk, which they like a lot. the little ones get crushed bits of the kibble and like it enough that they usually attack a whole piece of it and try to eat the whole thing the second or third time they get the kibble.

The babies are all doing well; Royal is with his boys, and they are doing just fine. thanks very much for your concern. :)
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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