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rodentfest 2011- PA

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Spring Rodent Fest
June 4(Sat.)
10:00AM to 6:00PM
Free Admission

Leesport Farmers Market

Anyone going to this? Are we allowed to sell animals here? Is there a show? How much is it to be able to sell your animals. Are there any permits needed? How much is it to show per animal?
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Other friends I know with rats and mice.... :D
But there will be another event that they are getting together to host that i was asked to attend so i will be going to that. :ugeek:
A lot of people have decided not to deal with the organizers of rodent fest. So I can understand it not working out this year.
this isnt by the same organizers its different people from what i hear.
Sounds like a lot of hear-say. :p

I know the ECMA is trying to organize something.
no its a definite they have a date time place etc. I already registered for it as i booked up fast. :ugeek:

i just cant seem to remember anything else about it at the moment. :p
If i can find the stuff i will def post it on here. :D
Casey, there is a show in conjunction with a pet expo I believe?.....What Jessie is referring to is happening. It is being organized by at least some people who've gone to rodentfest, but not by the organizers of rodentfest.

Iver-On doesnt prevent all types of mites though.
I'm aware...that's why I also said they never had any mites before or after the event. I don't know what she saw...the point was that if she though SOME of the animals in a cage had mites, NONE of them should have been allowed through b/c they should have all had them (if any had them to begin with).

Allison...I've posted the facts and my opinion for people to see....that was all I wanted to do. There was less of a turnout, period. As has been confirmed by the decision of RF organizers to push back, or apparently cancel the spring show. It happened for a reason...A couple people badmouthing it wouldn't have gotten it cancelled. I don't need to defend my actions here...they are my own actions and no business of yours.
If Rodent Fest is canceled, that's too bad. It's unfortunate that turnout dropped like it did the last time. There was a lot of potential therein. Maybe in the future it can come back and be better!
Maybe in the future everyone can get together for one big show where everyone gets along. . . :|
That would be nice. I've made offers of that repeatedly but they're always refused, on one ground or another. I think some people simply like the divisions. *shrug*
Is the new thing a show? Or another meet and greet and sell and buy type thing?
Just a Rat Show.
Maybe in the future everyone can get together for one big show where everyone gets along. . .
That would be so awesome! I wish people could get along...
Me too...
I spoke to one of RF's organizers, RodentFest is NOT cancelled.

If you want more information you can go here:

I think thats part of the reason a lot of fanciers don't get along in the U.S. is because the U.S. fanciers take a small piece of internet info and go off half-cocked on it and turn it into something its not. I've seen it happen many, many times on different forums, but always seems to come from the same group of people. :roll:
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