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Rodent Gifts!

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Did anyone treat their pets to a special treat? Or gift?
I bought my hamsters a present :D
I couldn't resist!, My cats, and dog got gifts too. I'm going to treat Travis (the horse I lease) to some yummy sugar cubes when I see him this weekend!
Let me know what you did for your pets this Christmas! :lol:
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Theo the cat got a furry blanket - he loves it a little too much and won't let anyone near it :lol: The mice got a few new wheels, some ladders, and some homemade towers (waiting on them all coming in, the wheels were delayed int he post :( before they get those) and some yoghurt drops. They rather enjoyed the yoghurt drops and the custard creams that my friend sent for them, and I'm sure that they will make short work of the hammock she sent them too :lol:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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