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RIP diesel

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After much agonizing and watching his steady decline no matter what i did to try and stop it, i had to have diesel put to sleep :cry:
He just wouldn't stop scratching, and by the end he had ripped one of his ears, he couldn't open his eyes properly and he was just covered in angry bleeding sores and pus. I didnt want to give up on him so early, but my vet said it was unfair for him to go on coz he was in a lot of pain. He was only 4 months old, and the perfect mouse. I never thought a mouse could be loving, but he was! so RIP little guy, you will be missed, although your habit of peeing in my hair not so much. <3
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I am very sorry to hear about Diesel but at least you can say you tried everything & although he had a short life it was a good one most of the time. :cry:
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