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Ok so i know there such thing as reverse Siamese mice, but does that mean there's also such thing as Reverse Himalayan?

I ask because i have a buck who looks so strange, hes got sort of a very very pale smokey ash colour to his body thats also a little white ticked, and then he has a white nose and white base to his tail as well as feet, i've been looking at reverse siams on google and his colour doesn't stand out as much as those so then i though well himi is like a paler version of Siam, so maybe it could be the same with reverse...

I might be talking complete nonsense here and he might just be a heinz variety but hes just lovely and unusual, i had a doe to but sold her a while back, i could try get pics, but hes very pale and i'm not sure it would show up!

Another breeder said maybe chinchilla, but hes too pale and besides i've not had any experience with chins and he came from a Himalayan buck and the mother was either choc self, black self or white self depending on who the mum was (was that long ago, can't remember)

any ideas?
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Sarah is right. :)

Reverse Siamese is just a beige selectively bred toward having very light points, anyway. With the c^h allele that causes pointed varieties (siamese, himalayan, burmese), there's no real way to make acromelanism "reverse." That's why I think "reverse Siamese" should be re-named "poor beige."
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