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Results of London Championship Show

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Hi guys and girls,

Just wanted to know how everyone did at the show today. I was really happy about my results today as it was the first time I got placed at the London Championship Show.

Pixbrooke Stud Results:
Class 3: 4th Place (Cream Adult)
Class 27: 2nd Place and 4th Place (Black Dutch Adult)
Class 39: 2nd Place (Marked Challenge Adult)
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Yes I was really surprised that there was only one judge, she must have been exhausted at the end of the day.

Do you go past me on the way Lisa? I usually have a few spare maxeys part of the problem with breeding rump whites is that I'm not over run with showable mice. Let me know if you need to borrow a couple (i only have 5 maxeys but generally only show 2 or if I'm lucky 3 mice.)
I think you are way out of my way Ian, I can go either A12 to Ipswich and then A12 all the way to the M25 and then round or A146 to Norwich and then A11/M11 to M25, I don't think you are near any of those are you?
Halcyon said:
Jammy said:
Rat judging finished and we had the winners presentation just after 7pm :shock:
ah but the stock wasn't tabled on time due to latecomers (tsk tsk) and the judge did have a broken finger and a lot of rats to judge....
I am really sorry i was having a really bad day and Lisa you were very kind to me for which i am very grateful, I promise i will try harder in furure to be on time xxx
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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