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Results of London Championship Show

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Hi guys and girls,

Just wanted to know how everyone did at the show today. I was really happy about my results today as it was the first time I got placed at the London Championship Show.

Pixbrooke Stud Results:
Class 3: 4th Place (Cream Adult)
Class 27: 2nd Place and 4th Place (Black Dutch Adult)
Class 39: 2nd Place (Marked Challenge Adult)
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Yep I was there but I looked a bloody state, to be honest I felt like crap all day and it was so boiling.
I think I met Leigh and your mum but only very briefly, I think you were talking to Cait.
I saw you Michael but you were busy stewarding all day. I was so pleased that the rump white did well, I thought it wasnt even good enough to go to show but sometimes its so far between shows you forget what the competition looks like-no mouse can live up to the standards.
that's very true Ian my baby astrex were placed by default because they were the ONLY astrex there lol well at least the judge appreciated the effort even if they were far from perfect :lol:
Ooh the little black curly I spied was yours! I did wonder

It was good to see some of you guys there and thanks to those who gave us lovely mice :D We both felt rotten-really hot and quite rough, we weren't just being antisocial! We ended up leaving quite early and turns out we both have full blown flu now, hope we didnt pass it on :? Did you turn out to have flu Ian or did you just feel a bit crap on the day? You didn't look a state!

Anyway we had a nice time :) Sweet pic of you Naomi and Leigh!
And congrats everyone
I really expect you to now work on those astrex Petey I can't bear being 1 of 1 showing them, I've let a young friend of mine have some also so she'll hopefully be waving the astrex banner for the jeuveniles :cool: but I need some adult competition.

The ones you have are already 3rd generation so breed them to big fat (self) bucks and the babies back to the curly parent and you'll be away - and I didn't think you were being anti social it was quite exhausting for everyone to be honest but sorry you're ill, I have a sore throat this morning so will be round shortly to shoot you if flu develops :lol:
Naomi i am going to show my Astrex from you once i have the show cages :D
Naomi, Doreen Cooper showed some astrex last month so never fear you are not the only adult!
MouseBreeder said:
Naomi, Doreen Cooper showed some astrex last month so never fear you are not the only adult!
who is this "Doreen Cooper?" I must speak with her at once :lol:

really someone else REALLY showing Astrex???
She's the lady who introduced siamese to the fancy.
NaomiR said:
really someone else REALLY showing Astrex???
Yes me i am going to show the 2 i have from you ;)
I wish I had known who more of you were, and I would have said hi. I made a few brief visits to the mouse section inbetween keeping an eye on my rats and watching some of the cavy judging. I did manage to have a chat and an ice cream with Naomi :) Sorry the rats finished so late Ian, and the delightful closed motorway conspired to make the journey home even longer, but you did an excellent job of keping me awake! Cait - I am amazed you recognised me from 5 years ago, you have a much better memory then I do ;) Violet, was nice to put a face to the name from this forum and the piggy ones :) Will anyone be at Peterborough, should be a more laid back day there.....
Julie I am not too surprised you didn't recognise me from 5 years ago - I've lost a lot of weight since then! It was funny to see your daughter running around since last time I saw her she was a newborn!!
I thought you had - but was not sure so didn't like to say so - well done you! Maybe you could give me a kick up the arse to do the same ;) I didn't have the kids with me at London (shows are generally mummy's day of escapism), but Rainer will normally bring them to Peterborough as there is lots to see and it is local so I will have to seek you out again there :p
julieszoo said:
Violet, was nice to put a face to the name from this forum and the piggy ones :)
Same to you too Julie!! Thank you so much for taking me back to the station, was very kind of you!

Vi x
The rat judging did go on for ages! They had dismantled the guinea pig cages by the time we had left. It was a really long day but it was well worth it as I had some success with my rump white and its really encouraged me to continue with a bit more enthusiasm. Looking forward to Peterborough and I think I have a couple more rump whites that will be ready. I'm also thinking about going to Enfield, might look at nipping over on the train.
I'm going to peterborough so I'll see you there Ian.
Rat judging finished and we had the winners presentation just after 7pm :shock:
See you there Sarah, Im looking forward to it, I like the Agri Shows and its almost on my doorstep (only 45 minutes drive)!
Jammy said:
Rat judging finished and we had the winners presentation just after 7pm :shock:
ah but the stock wasn't tabled on time due to latecomers (tsk tsk) and the judge did have a broken finger and a lot of rats to judge....

Ian, shame you wern't closer to me, I usually trundle down to Enfield with 4 mice and me in a large estate car (I only have 4 maxeys, otherwise there would be more)....
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