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Rep pics as promised

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Right here we go.. The albino boa is Kahl strain and will be with us for at least another few weeks yet - yay! She is an absolute gem in every way but got to the age now where her colours are fading out - still, lovely to look at and handle. Also the Plated lizard, crested gecko, spotted pythons, bci, couple of our Halmahera ground boas =)

A local friend is a semi-professional photographer and popped over last week and took some of these for us

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That Candoia is GORGEOUS!
And the Kahl is stunning too. Beautiful photos by the way and thank you for sharing them! Damn shame I didn't know you were after corns, I've got a lovely female hypo motley here that I've just reserved for someone.
EDIT: saying that I've just noticed you're in scotland.... :oops:
Bloody mites! sounds like your doing a good job of getting shot of them though. Its got to the point where I frontline any new reptile as a matter or course the minute it enters out house.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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