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Rep pics as promised

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Right here we go.. The albino boa is Kahl strain and will be with us for at least another few weeks yet - yay! She is an absolute gem in every way but got to the age now where her colours are fading out - still, lovely to look at and handle. Also the Plated lizard, crested gecko, spotted pythons, bci, couple of our Halmahera ground boas =)

A local friend is a semi-professional photographer and popped over last week and took some of these for us

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Eeek I didn't even think lol, I'll edit it out! x

Ok, sorted, sorry about that.
Haha it's fine, I guess because I'm so used to snakes and mice going hand in hand, I forget some people don't like it still, whoopsies! Yep the Albino is very pretty indeed. Our friends camera does her much better justice than my little one!

And nope! Not rubber lol. They are the Halmahera boas - well, just the female but they pretty much look the same. They are one of the smallest boas in the world and often change their colours depending on their mood and environment, wonderful to watch! Hard to breed in captivity though and it often takes pairing the female with several males (separately) to get her in the mood, now these aren't cheap or easy to come by, so doing that is pretty difficult. Fingers crossed we'll have some luck in a year or two!
Thank yous hehehe!

Aww you already have a little zoo matt! The above normal BCI is a swine - don't be fooled by his good looks! I've already had a tag on my ankle and the little begger hisses and strikes at me through his RUB yet is completely fine with my other half! Everyone else in our zoo is pretty good though. The male spotted python (taken off as a feeding photo) is a bit flighty but never bites, the hypo boa (photod in other thread) is dog tame, as is the albino female. Luckily at baby size bites don't hurt and it doesn't take them long to tame up!

I think in total (if we count our current long term lodgers) we haaavvveee..

Pair Halmaheras
Pair Spotted pythons
Male Royal python
Male Crested Gecko
Male Plated Lizard
Packman Frog

Just need to source a nice female royal for stumpy the royal for this coming spring! And I'm dying for some grown on/adult corns again. Before I moved up from cornwall my rep room had upwards of 20 corns hehe
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Thank yous hehe! If you like cresties then the lady to go to is Anna from Edinburgh area, courier and deliveries are possible I believe. She is amazing and all her cresties are beautiful and healthy, can't go wrong with hers.

The halmaheras are wonderful, aren't they? So underrated I think. I love watching their colour changes. Our poor pair came to us with mites and we only noticed once I'd done up their vivs. So vivs are now stripped to the bare minimum and they've been treated. Given this, they have settled in very well and are very confident snakes. The male happily lounges stretched out in the middle of his viv and both have lightened colourwise, looking amazing. I have some pictures of their colour changes, you can see in the original pics how dark they were, almost black..

Here is the female on the day we got her after the stress of moving.

Here she is tonight (in her bare viv, bless!)

And here is the boy

He was also nearly black when he arrived but settled and brightened quicker than the female who has only really changed in the last 24 hours. Amazing! I can't recommend them enough, I'm in love with them completely!
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I know, they are a huge pain. We've frontlined everything (even those without mites - just to be on the safe side) and have some arpet stuff on it's way to us, so won't be long before they're gone. It's just a right pain though, specially for the poor snakes who could have done with the last few weeks to settle instead of being all stressed. I say stressed, they are cool as cucumbers :lol:
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