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Renewal in the form of skweeky pinkness!

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Darkly and Painter, both tris, were having a litter a couple of hours ago; I decided to go away and leave them to their blessed event as I thought Darkly might not have finished throwing her litter. It looked like she had four or five at last look.
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Thats great, congrats moustress! I cant wait to see pictures when they are older! :D
Thanks! I'm very excited to have mousie babies again!
Hearty congratulations moustress, I know how much they mean to you :)

Sarah xxx
I checked again and there are only three babies; nice long ones.
congratulations :)
Thanks, everyone; it does mean a lot to me and now I can reallylook forward to working to get back the quality and types of meeces I had in my mousery. The differences were, for the most part, just those of size and types of markings in the tris/splashed mousies. The fawn, champagne, and argente line is the only line that was very nearly eradicated, and that line will take a half a year at least to see any return of those colors, and maybe longer to get back the size and depth of color, especially in the fawns.

Today I found another ten pinkies from two does that were bred to the same buck, all three parents are tris/splashed. I was also pleased to see a satin tri doe beginning to show; she was bred to a satin BEW from a tri litter, so that should be interesting seeing what those two produce besides more BEW's.
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Awesome, so very happy for you!
Thanks, beth.
Congrats on your new babies!! Im so happy for you too!
:) Thanks!
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