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red eyes in a brindle to brindle litter

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Hi all I have a trio of brindle who have pups on the gorund out of only one of the does. Most are brindles but now that their eyes are open I can see that at least 3 of them have red eyes. They look fawnish to me but I don't know the colors yet very well. Any thoughts?

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as far as i understand it the pink eye p gene is ressive
PP = Black eyes
Pp = Black eyes carrying pink eyes
pp = pink eyes

the P gene also effects black and brown coat colour so the pp would dilute the stripping. Black would become dove so prehaps u have dove brindle.

Someone correct me if im wrong
Most likely the the pink eyes diluted the colors so the stripes don't show leaving a lovely orange mousie or three with bright fawn coats! I like it a lot!. It would not be wrong to call the red eyed brindles fawn, since that's what they show to the eye.
Another thought on the brindling and the pink eyes: you may be able to see a bit of the striping at the roots of those diluted brindles as they get bigger.
They are most likely dove brindles...which will have dove colored brindling if they are not undermarked. Can you get a pic of just the pink eyed bubs?

here are the 4 red eyed bubs, one looks like it coukd be adove brindle
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They are dove brindles :) The one on the left in the pics is just more heavily marked than the others. The only one I don't see any dove markings on is the one on the right, which an overmarked pied and the white is probably just obstructing any markings.
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