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Real London show - Sept 13th

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We are looking to get back into breeding and hopefully show.

Would be good to see some of you there and if you have any surplus mice to help us out we would be very grateful.

Not sure exactly what varieties we want to go into yet.
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I'm showing in the Hamster Section. I'll try and get over to say hi because I would love to meet people to put faces to names.
will you be going to the London Champs with your hamsters?I'm not going to the real London and I really like the exhibition hamsters.
I'm going so you will prob see me watching the judging or helping out.

I'm also hopeing to buy a pair of Syrian hamsters, I saw the last two times the hamster section had some for sale. Can anyone buy them?
There may be hamsters for rehoming, (I don't have any "spare" at the moment), but that depends on who has animals available, (which I don't know).

Since, like most exhibitors, we breed only because we show, hamsters for rehoming are the "spares" from exhibition litters when folk have kept what they need. As such, the numbers, colours etc on offer vary from show to show. If you want to buy a hamster from the Sales Table, I would recommend getting there about 1000, as they can shift pretty quickly!
Anyone going to be taking pictures at the Real London show??

I really wanted to go but our Daughter leaves for Uni the day after so we are too busy :(
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