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Real London Show / Other Shows

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I just wanted to ask what the protocol was for attending a show as a spectator? Is this allowed and can you just, kind of, turn up? Do you have to be an NMC member?

Kind regards
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you can just turn up as a spectator.Most have no entry fee but some and the London will be one, are run by outside organisations/sponsors and these charge an entry fee.These are all agricultural shows or large multi species events.Plain old mouse shows charge no entry fee.
Thankyou for your quick reply. I didn't want to just turn up and come away red-faced! lol. I'm hoping to show at some point and want to spectate for quite a while first as at the moment I'm a 'pet' mouse breeder and looking to move on from that.


Does the NMC have a stand at any of the shows to pay subs or buy merchandise?
there is a stand at Harrogate.As for the others then it's up to the club secretary,Anne and Paul H who has some of the merchandise.If Anne is in attendance at any show she will take your subs.The best place for this question would be the NMC facebook page where Anne is active and can answer your query directly.
How much is the entrance fee? Is it a fixed price or does it change each year?

email the show secretary for further information.It's not run by the mouse club,it's a multi species show.
It says on the hamster schedule that there's no entrance or parking fee for the real london. I assume that means for all people not just the hamster ones?
Well I've emailed Brian Emmett so hopefully he should know.
Right. Got an email back from Mr Emmett and he has confirmed that it is free to enter and parking is free also. :)
Nice one! I shall endevour to be there, i have a delivery to make! Hehehehe
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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