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Ready to pop

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Not quite an Asplodamouse, but Missy is nice and round now!

I'm only expecting Champagne Tans with some Satins from this litter but I can't wait :mrgreen:

And a picture of the proud father, (though it's not the best picture of him)

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Very nice, I love Champagne tans. The contrast would be striking! Can't wait to see pictures :)
they are so pretty, can't wait to see pic's
bethmccallister said:
Very nice, I love Champagne tans. The contrast would be striking! Can't wait to see pictures :)
I'm hoping Gaston's genes gain the upper hand in the tan department - Missy's tan belly is more of a pale ochre than a tan :roll: I only have petline mice at the moment, but I might try and improve the tan colouration anyway.
Heard the squeaking of babies today, and had a quick look - I counted 9 (maybe 10) lil wriggly pink things :mrgreen:
bethmccallister said:
Thanks :mrgreen:
Well out of the litter of 9, they've done well (except for the runt which I culled). Sexed and took pictures of them all today, 5 bucks 3 does! Mostly broken marked champagnes too - which I didn't expect lol :roll: Only 2 champagnes and 1 satin :lol: Defiantly going to keep some from this litter :)

All the boys

All the girls

And individual pics :D Boys first

The only satin in the litter! Love his white stripe though :mrgreen:

And the girls

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Very nice babies! They have nice tail set-ons and wide muzzles from the looks of things, bunch of little cuties. Good job!
they are adorable, i soooooo wish i could get a satin!!!!
lovely colours. so you sell your mice at all? where are you located? looking to add a bit of colour to my breeding stock. Thanks
Thanks everyone :mrgreen:

I will be selling some of them (when they're old enough ofc) and I'm based in Reading.
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