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Rat photoshoot inc. babies

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Well the babies are getting much bigger, so much more advanced at everything and so I thought I'd take some new piccies. We've also had a few new boys and girls join us.. so here are some of our little (big) crew.

New Dumbo girl - With a bit of luck will be paired with Moley - our black hooded baby

One of our babies

So hard to get them in focus these days - they don't sit still!

Hoping to track down a nice black male for this black dumbo girl

One of the lazeeeee booiisss

Big snuggles
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Loooovving the markings of the baby's mother :D soo cute ^-^
Awesome raty babies! Mommy is beautiful I love her color!
I love the first photo!! She looks like a right little character!!
Thanks all, they are such a bundle of fun! I've decided I am definitely only keeping two from this litter. I have to be really good and go for the best qualities, so will be looking for homes for some of them (some already had homes lined up months ago lol) very soon =(
How pretty they are! I love the baby that's looking up into the camera.
I love the rattie in the 5th picture! so cute :3
They are lovely! What makes a rat a 'dumbo rat' as apposed to a regular one? I've always wondered when I've seen this in pet shops. :p
Dumbos have the ears on the side of the head, and they are shaped a bit differently, I think?

I love your ratties! The babies are just wonderful. The rest of them are very nice. Someday....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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