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Yes, give all your silvers to tratallen!! lol I saw it and was like 'A SILVER!! Sarah won't want it!! I CAN HAS!!!'

But noo... don't need silvers... honest I don't. Really. Even though my brain is trying to convince me otherwise! lol

I wish I could be a disciplined as you with my varieties Sarah, not to mention your organsiation of your mouse room!!
My shed is in dire need of a clean, which i have resolved to do tonight... was going to do it this morning, but it was just too darn hot and i didn't want to disturb the critters.

Your blacks are gorgeous, your doves, as ever, divine. And you should give me some argente cremes so i can experiment making champagne foxes! hehee

You are one of my Mousey Breeding heroes. That is all.

W xx
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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