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Got my buck! He is just around a month old and I believe he is satin, couldnt be more thrilled :D i put him in with my girls and all he did was check if they had milk for him :lol: not quite wanting to mate yet but we'll get there. Can't wait! :)


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If the belly is shiny he's almost certainly satin. Healthy black standard coats are shiny enough that it can be hard to tell from the top.
I know he's kind of greyish/silvery on his belly but hes in flea stageso I haven't been able to get a good grip of him and have a good look, i'll check later! :)
His belly is super shiny im so excited!
Yay! :gwavebw Black satin was one the kinds of mousie that I most wanted when I started breeding 17 years ago.
Oh haha. Was there any specific reason why? Or you just liked them?
Isn't every woman supposed to have something little and black in the mousery? :ugeek: Huh...what? Oh, right that was supposed to be the closet... :roll:

Though I have been known to wear a mousie on my shoulder.... O,o
LOL :lol: :lol: that's funny but very true! Haha :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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