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preston september the 5th

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This show will have an auction class where members can sell stock,proceeds split 50/50 with the club and people can aquire new stock.I love the auction class,its always interesting.
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I will be doing the secretary duties for this Iain will be judging along with sarah.

As from next year we are amalgamating a few shows and Preston Mouse Club will be no more...In it's place will be Lancashire Mouse Club.

Pretty much the same way Calder valley and Airedale amalgamated to become Yorkshire Mouse Club.

However the venue will be the same at St Christopher's Church Hall.

In answer to your auction question...a trio of mice can be put into the show on the day and I will adjudicate a judge who is 'off-duty' to judge the gift class as I don't want to disturb Sarah or Iain whilst they decide the winners in the main event.
Is the gift class the same as the auction class?
Any breeders with any colour point mice coming to the Preston show?
try contacting Benjamin off of here.If he can't help you I might be able to.I have one litter but I haven't sexed them yet and it would be unwise to have 2 males.
what time does the show start is it about 10:30 like most i've only been to the agricultural shows with mice as part of that and before i start thinking about showing my mice i need more knowledge so will be coming along for a nosey. i can't wait i have the adress but woundering about time it starts and roughly finishes. :D
starts around 10.30,finishes around 4pm.
*wishes luck to everyone competing!*

Hope people have fun! :D

Willow xx
Hope everyone had a good day, any good results??
i had a brilliant day but i am bloody knackered :| :| :|
I was in bed by the time you made your post.Nice to meet you Alan,not the old man I had pictured.
Terry got BIS.
i was only in about ten mins b4 i posted :lol:
I watched ian judgeing it was a cracker of a mouse
21 - 33 of 33 Posts
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