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Pregnant or simply hungry?

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The other day, I bought four does from my local pet shop.

I have bought all of my current mice from there (which is now 12 does and 2 bucks), and usually they are fine. The only problem is, the guys that work there can't sex very well, so to make it easier (and also because the coloured mice usually go so quickly and its only the PEWs that stay) they leave both sexes together.

Big no no, I know. But I picked up a PEW yesterday, she was prefectly happy and seemed quite small, and I didn't get much of a chance to check her owner before she was plonked in a box, but I got her back and after a few hours (because I had to clean a new draw out first so I could get them out of the carrier) I realised that her belly was actually somewhat round. Now, I put food in the carrier, so she could have easily just eaten a lot, because it was empty, but it didn't look like full belly, it looked more pregnant.

So now I'm a little worried, because I'm still doing my research on breeding and wasn't going to start for another month or so, til fully prepared. She's also very young and small, so I wasn't sure if she was actually old enough to breed/concieve yet. I'm worried that, if she is pregnant, I may have to cull her which I don't want to do.

I'll try to get pictures up asap (I need to find my camera charger first) but I was wondering what I should do? Vet maybe, or just wait it out to see if she gets bigger over the next few days?
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there isn't anything you can do other than provide a safe warm environment and a good diet and wait.
JKRD1991 said:
I'm worried that, if she is pregnant, I may have to cull her which I don't want to do.
you don't have to cull her. Maybe cull the litter, if she is she is a small doe and has a large litter.
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